Academic Report-Easy and lazy technical writing for engineers and scientists: A step-by-step guide to establish a good logical structure

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Title: Easy and lazy technical writing for engineers and scientists: A step-by-step guide to establish a good logical structure

Time: November 20, 2019, 2:30-4:30 p.m.

Venue: The Large Conference Room, 5th Floor, School of Electronic and Information Engineering

Speaker: Akihiko K. Sugiyamai, Yahoo, Japan



This lecture presents an easy and lazy way in a step-by-step manner to prepare technical papers targeting at novices such as entry-level engineers and young scientists including students. A good logic is a key to good papers, however, it is not easy for unexperienced authors to establish. As a solution, “Slides First” is proposed and explained in details with examples. Slides help the authors build a solid logic for the paper, which directly benefits them by making reviewers understand the point of the paper easily and clearly, leading to a higher review score. There is a specific order of preparation to make the process most efficient. The highlight is a three point analysis for which templates are provided to clarify the value, the trick, and a user benefit of the paper. These three points naturally lead to a good paper title that can also be used in the abstract. This lecture is unique in the point that it tells how drafting should proceed, not what a draft should include, which is the difference from technical writing books and websites.


Short Biography

Akihiko Sugiyama (a.k.a. Ken Sugiyama), affiliated with Yahoo! JAPAN Research after NEC Central Research Laboratories, has been engaged in a wide variety of research projects in signal processing such as audio coding and interference/noise control. His team developed the world's first Silicon Audio in 1994, a precursor of iPod. He served as the Chair of Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing Technical Committee, IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS 2011-2012), as associate editors for several journals such as IEEE Trans. Signal Processing (1994-1996), as the Secretary and a Member at Large to the Conference Board of SPS (2010-2011), as a member of the Awards Board of SPS (2015-2017), as the Chair of Japan Chapter of SPS (2010-2011), and a member of IEEE Fellow Committee. He was a Technical Program Chair for ICASSP2012. He has contributed to 17 chapters of books and is the inventor of 217 registered patents with more pending applications in the field of signal processing in Japan and overseas. He received 19 awards such as the 2002 IEICE Best Paper Award, the 2006 and 2018 IEICE Achievement Award, and the 2013 Ichimura Industry Award. He has delivered 134 invited talks in 70 cities of 27 countries. He is Fellow of IEEE and IEICE, a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE SPS (2014-2015) and for IEEE CE (Consumer Electronics Society) (2017-2018) and a Distinguished Industry Speaker for IEEE SPS (2020-2021).

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